Hello and welcome to Dawn of Victory, your friendly neighborhood RP and PVE company (at least if you live in the Mist)!  We are a small group of players dedicated to creating and preserving a safe, welcoming space for our members and anyone else who wishes to play with us.

Fridays at 9 pm (EST) are our official RP nights where we work toward advancing our plot as a company.  Everyone is welcome to join in on these nights or work on other plots throughout the rest of the week.  We just want to have fun!

With the advent of Stormblood, we have also reopened recruitment to the general public.  Before you are admitted to the company, our officers will arrange a meeting with you in order to tell you about our policies and see if you’re a good match.

For more information about the FC, please contact Geist Sturmlanze, Seoc Totoloc, or Shinken Hissatsu on Balmung.

Happy adventuring, and may you ever walk in the light of the crystal!